Sheldahl Joins XAP Team

After discussions with XAP, the Sheldahl company of Northfield, Minnesota has determined the possible feasibility of the XAP concept and will undertake engineering studies to satisfy the technical questions this revolutionary design and rigging entail.

Sheldahl has a long history with high altitude balloons, even to the first balloon placed in earth orbit, the ECHO SATELLITE which was a spherical Mylar balloon inflated with boric acid gas in orbit.

They also fabricated the giant tetroon shown below which sat at 145,000 foot altitude over Minneapolis over fifty years ago.  This was the main incentive for Don Piccard to join Schjeldahl in 1958 after his successful first ever plastic film manned Pleiades cluster  flight featured in Life Magazine.

|<--------- ~150 ' ----------->|

~75# payload

Photo courtesy W. Huch

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