The House of Mercy

The eXtreme Altitude Project (XAP) will surely  need the full measure of spiritual support.   XAP will be conducted in conjunction with The House of Mercy of  St. Paul, Minnesota,   the official Team XAP Chaplaincy.  We invite you to visit their website and join us for fellowship when you are in town.  

A very limited number of especially cachet'd covers will be packed in the cabin and  individually signed by the pilot.  Any covers not sold  prior to launch will be destroyed.   There will be no wholesale distribution.  The proceeds from the donations will be used for the XAP expenses.  As 100% of the costs of production of the covers is being donated, the entire donation will enjoy full tax benefits.  (Confirm this with your accountant for your specific circumstances.)

A donation of a $10.00 non-returnable deposit will reserve your $50.00 cover with your unique serial number.  The $40.00 balance will be due and presented to the  XAP creditors after the flight.  A limited number of matching serial numbered covers will be carried on select preparatory test, proofing and training flights and be available exclusively to subscribers.  This offer may be withdrawn or revised without prior notice, especially in the event that it is inconsistent with corporate policy of an as yet to be contracted "Title Sponsor".  The rights of any previous subscriber at that time will be protected in any case and be transferable at any time..   (Funds already donated to the House of Mercy and the balances associated with them will of course remain as dedicated.  Any new reservations can be still be made with HOM distribution if specifically requested.)

If requested, the covers can be addressed in ink, in addition, by the pilot at time of signing, if prepaid.  That is a  nice personal touch that has been asked for, so we will respond.  Thank you for the suggestion.

 Don't miss these.

How to secure yours:

Send your check for just $10.00 made out to the XAP Foundation LTD. to Don Piccard, 1445 East River Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55414-3625 with your first three choices of lucky number serial numbers between 1 and 1,000.  "First Come - First Choice".  Your donation will be used to advance the mission of  the XAP Foundation LTD. which is a non profit corporation established under Minnesota  501 (c) (3) provisions..

Some Typical Balloon Mail

We make no representation about future market value of souvenir balloon mail because avid collectors rarely let these treasures fall on the market.  We do, however, want to note that at the April 2002 Space and Aviation Memorabilia Auction by Aurora Galleries in Santa Monica, California identical covers to the above left English Channel cover brought $800 and the front center Double Eagle cover brought $650.  Golden Bear and Breitling Orbiter 3 covers are just not seen on the market.   In a macabre aside, we do note that "Crash covers" are often considered most valuable by collectors.  The XAP covers will be signed before launch...

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