Louis R. Billones


Lou Billones is a professional meteorologist specializing in unique weather forecasts in support of balloon operations and record-breaking balloon flights.  Word aviation records supported include distance, altitude, and duration in numerous gas and hot air balloon types.  Lou was the Chief Meteorologist for the record breaking Trans-Pacific Solo Balloon Flight, the record breaking solo balloon flights from the US across the Atlantic Ocean to Russia, another to India, and yet another to Burma.


Lou Billones is not only a meteorologist and college professor, but also a commercial rated hot air balloon pilot, piloting standard and experimental-rated balloons, and has been flying them for over 23 years.  Because of these unique combination skills, Lou continues to be the chief meteorological official and numerous premiere national and international gas and hot air balloon championships.  Each year, Lou provides hundreds of weather forecasts in support of these events.


Lou served 27 years in the Air Force as a meteorologist and senior commander at numerous worldwide locations.  These assignments not only provided practical operational experience, but provided Lou with the opportunity to lead teams of meteorologists in the development of forecasting techniques based on the numerical modeling of the atmosphere and the integration of satellite data and high-speed computers – the tools that will be used in the forecasting associated with the XAProject.  As Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff of all the Air Force Weather Service’s Technical Programs, Lou was the technical manager for the USAF’s weather satellite systems and instrumental in the development of the Space Forecasting Center now located in Colorado.  Upon retiring from the Air Force as a Colonel, Lou worked as a telecommunications manager, and then accepted an Assistant Professorship at the College of Saint Mary in Omaha, Nebraska.  He currently instructs computer information management, telecommunications and meteorology at the Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska campuses.


Lou was reared and attended public schools in San Francisco, California.  He earned a Master of Science in Meteorology form Saint Louis University and a second Master of Science in Systems Management for the University of Southern California.  He owns and manages Windsong Services, Inc.  He is married to the former Maureen P. O’Connor of San Francisco.


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