XAP Sponsor Honor Roll

Photo Credit: Rick Szopinski

As an example:   Bertrand Piccard's "Breitling Orbiter 3" cabin at eye level display in the Air and Space Hall of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D .C  - The World's Highest Traffic Site!   (Not for rent)

Another example of claimed promotional value of a simple stratosphere flight can be seen at http://www.andyelson.com/proj_theedgeofspace.htm but please use your return button to come on back to XAP.

It is self evident that the mesosphere expedition, XAP,  depends on more than just a few novel ideas.  XAP actually will fulfill a goal that has been prominent in Piccard motivation for many years.  We take great pleasure and pride in recognizing the aid provided by many wonderful people.  Drs. Swan and  Locher of the Bartol Research Foundation were instrumental in the initial plastic balloon development along then with Prof. Akerman at the University of Minnesota.  Dr. Sheard of the Mayo Clinic and the Rochester, Minnesota Kiwanis Club supported the first ever multi balloon flight - the "Pleiades".  Then the U.S. Navy and General Mills (The Minneapolis cereal company!) collaborated on "Project Helios" which was to be Prof. Piccard's Pleiades flight.

Don Piccard's sponsor of his beginning efforts leading to XAP was the Bank of Newark, Newark, Delaware.  More recent  contributors include:

Ron Yanke, Micron PC, Boise ID
Scott Spencer, LTA America, Boise, ID
Trimble Navigation Ltd. Austin, TX - 
David Rapp, Cameron Balloons, St. Louis, MO -
Eric Adams, David Bradley, Carlsbad, CA - 
United Airlines, Denver, CO - 
Acme Metal Spinning, Minneapolis, MN
Crystal X, Lenni, PA
ArtServe, Minnepolis, MN -- Bob Lindel

We extend our deepest appreciation to these and look forward to others joining this elite group to further the goals of XAP and the state of the art for aerostatic capabilities.


We need your help, too, to make XAP a successful reality.  Thank You!

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