Dr. Jacques Piccard

In the 1950s, James Piccard joined his father in building new and improved bathyscaphs including Trieste, which dived to 3,139 meters (10,300 ft) in field trials. The U.S. Navy acquired Trieste in 1958 and equipped it with a new cabin to enable it to reach deep ocean trenches. In 1960, Jacques Piccard and Navy Lieutenant Donald Walsh descended in Trieste to the deepest known point on Earth — the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. The two men made the deepest dive in history: 10,915 meters (35,810 ft).

Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie, 
©National Geographic Society

Jacques Piccard w/ Don Walsh

January 23, 1960 The Bathyscaph "Trieste" surfaces from the ultimate unbeatable record dive to the bottom of the ocean.

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