Official Team XAP Mascot

In 1934, an American Box Turtle rode in the Piccard stratosphere balloon.  Because it had a natural marking of a Fleur-de-Lis on each scute of its carapace, that was its name.  While our late friend Roscoe Turner carried a lion  named "Gilmore" in honor of his sponsor, the Gilmore Oil Company, the Piccards chose the turtle because of its low oxygen consumption and quiet personality.

"Pax" , "XAP" in reverse, will be our mascot and will serve two purposes on XAP.  One will be to serve as a messenger of peace and the second will be to test the air in the cabin in the tradition of the mine pigeons.   Pax is a snow white dove whose nickname is "Dinah, the Dove". 

It is an interesting aside that while the safety sentinel birds of the mining industry go down, this one will go up to do the same job, even as the Piccard family is noted for going both up, down and all around in their pursuit of  Auguste Piccard's mantra, inscribed on the banner on this web site's front page: "To discover new countries..."


The Mascot of  Jean and Jeannette Piccard's

October 23, 1934  Stratosphere Flight reaching 57.579 feet altitude

Ford Airport, Dearborn, Michigan to Cadiz. Ohio

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